Military Spouse Education Benefits

Military Spouse Education Benefits

Did You Know About Military Spouse-Specific Education Benefits?

Military spouses are the unsung heroes of the Armed Forces community. While a husband or wife is serving on base, or deployed somewhere around the world, the spouse that is left behind has their own war to fight: they must work their regular job while also taking care of the kids, managing the household, and in many cases, also attending class.

That last point is where spouses’ situations can become incredibly difficult. Spouses often do everything on their own, and between daycare, groceries, and keeping children occupied, very little money is left over for educational advancement. However, just because a spouse’s salary is stretched to the brink, that doesn’t mean there isn’t money out there for an education.

Among the many educational benefits programs available to the military community is a financial aid initiative called MyCAA (My Career Advancement Account), which is money that is earmarked for the spouses of Servicepersons. Applicants may receive up to $4,000, with a yearly maximum of $2,000, to earn an associate degree, licensure, or certification. [1]

Spouses might also have additional educational funding options. While $4,000 can cover the costs for a spouse’s program, that money may not cover all of it. To help out, some colleges offer supplemental money to round out the balance. For example, if a spouse’s desired program costs $10,000, MyCAA may provide a maximum of $4,000. [1] However, there is still a $6,000 balance, and for spouses who work and/or have children to think about, there just may not be money for this. Does that mean a Military spouse shouldn’t achieve their dream of educational advancement just because they can’t afford it? Many colleges don’t think so, and they often have money set aside for situations like these. With colleges helping out with tuition, it is easier than ever for Military spouses to graduate! [2]

Colleges may offer additional benefits too. Some feature programs that offer laptops which are included with tuition. Some spouses may not have access to a computer, so having a college-provided laptop is a big help. Also, because it is a laptop, as opposed to a desktop computer, Military spouses can bring it with them, letting them advance their education when their schedule allows it. For schools that have an online component to the learning process, the laptop allows student spouses to access course materials from anywhere in the world, 24/7, provided they have a working internet connection.

These programs, as well as many others, are all offered to recognize the tremendous uphill battle that Military spouses face. However, it is important that they know they are not alone. The Federal government has made it a priority to provide financial resources. Colleges may also earmark funds for Military families, and sometimes offer additional programs on top of that. Many colleges’ Career Services departments even help students out with creating a résumé, offer interview tips, and even “dress-for-success” workshops.

For Military spouses, getting an education while balancing work, family, and the home is never easy, but there is plenty of help out there!


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