Text Messages that Make Me Giggle: Ice Ice Baby

Text Messages that Make Me Giggle: Ice Ice Baby

Have you ever had that one friend who can completely wrap up life in a song?  Or change an entire day with a single text message?  Well I am lucky enough to have a great friend just like that.  Her name is Michelle, we met at Ft. Bliss officially but we met on a Military Spouse website a year or so before that.  We have laughed and cried together, she has seen me loose my mind, and my house in complete chaos.  She hates clutter, and I am the Queen of clutter, she hates messy projects and I live for them.  It’s an odd friendship but it works for us, plus we both have an unnatural love of 80’s movies, and songs that should have been forgotten years ago.

Ice Ice Baby is one of those songs!

Today I was sitting at home, working on my latest DIY craft post when I get a text from her that literally made my whole week!  She combined her “love” of clutter and Ice Ice Baby rewritten into a special song just for her husband and decided to share it with me.  Yet, another reason to love her!

Ice Ice Baby rewrite


It is so her, it made me smile and I had to share it with you all.  Plus the song Ice Ice Baby is now stuck in my head, and if I have to hear it over and over then someone else should have to as well.


  1. These always make me giggle too lol. Trust me I’ve had my moments. Especially with auto-correct.

  2. Word to yer mother