Caffeinating My Day with Death Wish Coffee

Caffeinating My Day with Death Wish Coffee

Have you heard of Death Wish Coffee Company?  It is said to be the strongest coffee in the world!  So naturally I needed to try some for myself, of course.  How strong is it?  How much caffeine is in a cup?  What does it taste like?  These are the questions I needed to know!

I was so excited when Death Wish Coffee Company sent me a bag of coffee to try out, and share my thoughts with all of you!

death wish coffee caffeine

First lets talk caffeine, because that is what they mean by the worlds strongest cup of coffee.  They are not talking flavor, which I will get to also, but caffeine per cup!   The graphic above, is from Death Wish Coffee, stating the amount of caffeine per oz.  Think about the size of a glass of espresso, not the full cup but the cup they brew it in.  That tiny little shot glass, of properly brewed Death Wish Coffee has 54.2mg of caffeine!  That is a lot of caffeine to kickstart a day.  But that is in a lab, what about at home?

Well, I do not have a science lab in my house, so I cannot tell you how much caffeine brewed into my normal morning cup exactly.  What I can tell you is if I noticed a difference?  Absolutely!  Which was surprising to me, I drink a lot of coffee.  I have a pot gone, which includes the to-go cup I take to work before 8am.  Then at work I usually consume another 2 normal sized cups at work.  I am well caffeinated before noon!  In the afternoons I might have a soda, for a general pick me up or an iced coffee as well.  Needless to say I am a caffeine consumer, and that is why I did not expect to notice a difference with Death Wish Coffee.

Best part is, the first time I drank Death Wish Coffee I was not even aware of it.  Hubs made coffee that morning, and I never know which bag he will choose from but around 10am I texted him and asked if he made the new black bag of coffee.  I knew he probably didn’t even read the name on the front, just the brewing directions.  After he told me that he used the new black bag my morning made way more sense to me.  Upon arriving at work that day, I was SUPER motivated and productive.  To the point I was annoying my co-workers with my bubbly chatty nature, which usually does not happen till after 930-10am.  That is when I normally “wake up”.  But my Death Wish Coffee morning had me running laps around my normal self.  Probably because I consumed it, not knowing it was the oober caffeinated coffee and had a whole pot of it before 8am.

  • Note to self:  Lets not try that again!

Now, since that first experience with Death Wish Coffee I have approached it differently.  I love my caffeine but I also like to have the ability to focus.  My second round with Death Wish Coffee was more planned out.  I brewed up half a pot of coffee, had part of it at home, took the other part to work.  Gloriously productive day! In fact, that afternoon I came home and used this coffee to make my Frozen Mocha Pops!  Yum!  If those pops can’t kickstart your afternoon, I do not know what will!

Mocha Pops with almond milk

Now on to the taste of Death Wish Coffee!  After taking one look at the beans, which look quite dark, I expected a dark roasted flavor.  You would think bold = caffeinated, but that is not the case.  The darker the roast, the lower the caffeine content of each individual bean.  So looking at Death Wish coffee beans is a bit perplexing.  They are quite dark, they smell deliciously dark but they have a ton of caffeine!  I think they roast them with magic…. it’s my latest theory.  But I am getting off track, the flavor was my point here.  Death Wish Coffee, while it may look and smell like a dark roasted coffee – similar to espresso beans in color, does not taste dark.  It has a bold flavor, but not super dark like espresso or dark roasted coffees.  Just bold, and a medium flavor which I happen to love.  I am a medium roast lover!  Give me a hint of darkness,with maximum caffeine content any day of the week.  I realize it is not the “coolest” trend in coffee to be a medium roasted coffee lover but it is who I am.

It also makes me love the flavor of Death Wish Coffee.  It reminds me of a lovely medium roasted flavor with the most caffeine possible.  If you are looking for a way to kick-start your day with caffeine this could be just what you are looking for!  Also if you follow Death Wish Coffee on Instagram, you can find some great gems like this fun post:

I started following them on Instagram long before I tried their coffee, because I love their coffee posts!!



*disclosure* I did receive the coffee mentioned in this post, for free, to share my thoughts with you.  I was not paid for my opinion, or influenced by anyone just my own experiences.



  1. OH my goodness, I LOVE coffee so I’m going to try Death Wish!!

  2. Wow that is a lot. I would love to get me a cup. Sounds delightful.

  3. That looks good! I would love to try it out.

  4. Sounds like their coffee’s potent!

  5. A coffee that has be taken in moderations by you? I never thought that was possible! I should get some for the popo. It seems like he can never have enough coffee.

  6. Wow! I was almost afraid to read this when I saw the title lol. Very interesting name for coffee.

  7. I know I would love this coffee – maybe only 1 cup! :) Checking it out!

  8. Derek Sarringer :

    I agree with your findings. I tried it based on similar feelings based on their post. I drink at least a pot a day and stay caffinated so most coffee doesn’t do much for me. I plan on buying their big bag once I finish the bag I have.