Tomato Sandwich – My “goto” Summer Meal

Tomato Sandwich – My “goto” Summer Meal

Summer means a lot of things to different people, but for me summer can be boiled down to a single dish/dinner/snack/meal.  It is really that simple for me, summers are all about a fresh from the garden tomato sandwich!

Now before you say you do not like uncooked tomatoes, which surprisingly a lot of people say, have you ever tried one straight from the garden?  If the only uncooked tomato you have ever eaten is from a superstore, you are missing out!  Fresh ripe tomatoes come out of my garden in a ruby-red color. (not pink or pale red)  Nope, my tomatoes stay on the vine until they are fully ripe and ready to eat. They are sweet and delicious and my favorite summer treat.  I can use them daily, and as soon as the first one is ripe I make the first Tomato Sandwich of Summer.

garden fresh tomato sandwich

It is a tradition in our home, and when I was growing up as well!

Just slice a tomato, salt and pepper if you want it.  Then the key is fresh white bread…yep carbs and whole wheat be dammed!  Just a hint of Miracle Whip and you are set for my favorite sandwich of all time.

I have been lucky this year, I have already had several ripe tomatoes from our little garden.  Most years in Montana, the tomatoes are not ripe until the 2nd week of August!


What is your favorite garden fresh meal?


  1. I love fresh tomato sandwiches too!

  2. Ummmm delicious! I just need a few slices of bacon with this. :)