Goodbye Stubble – Hello Smooth!  #SmoothSummer #Shop

Goodbye Stubble – Hello Smooth! #SmoothSummer #Shop

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 Goodbye Stubble #SmoothSummer #Shop

 What does a #SmoothSummer mean to you?

Around our home a smooth summer can mean many things.  It can mean that the days flow smoothly, without drama or major catastrophes which is always a goal.  But for Hubs and I, it also means a smooth summer skin for him.

When Hubs was active duty, every day he woke up and shaved.  It was the first thing he did every morning, it prepared him for the job ahead.  His day could be filled with paperwork, weapons qualifications, driving to the field or it could mean missions while in another country.  But our lives have changed a bit and now Hubs does not have to shave every single day, although he still does 99% of the time.  Now he is only required to shave while wearing his uniform for the Montana National Guard.

I will not speak for Hubs, and to the reasons he still shaves nearly every day, but I know that the mornings that he wakes up and is clean shaven first thing his demeanor is different than the other days.  Just like when he is in uniform.  At home he is very silly, and reminds me of a teddy bear.  He is the biggest kid on the block, but in uniform he is much more serious.

Now that he has the option to shave or to not shave every-single-day, he still does most of the time.  When he chooses to shave on those days he is still silly but there is a quiet seriousness behind it all.  It is a strength behind the clean shaven face, that even when he is joking or being silly reminds me of the man I fell in love with.  The one who woke up every morning happy to be a part of our country’s military.

Right now, Hubs is at training for the Montana National Guard.  It takes place every summer for several weeks.  He loves it.  For me, well that is what smooth summers mean to me.  They mean that Hubs will get to wake up every day, and shave before he does anything else, and put on the uniform he loves so much.  He will get to represent a small part of our country’s military, and do something he loves.  In our house #SmoothSummer’s are kind of a big deal.

This year, I got to send Hubs off with a whole new way to keep his face smooth while at training.  I was at Walmart picking up a few necessities for his hygene kit like razors, soap and baby wipes.

Walmart Razor Isle #SmoothSummer #Shop

There are a lot of choices!  Picking out a razor for Hubs is never simple for me, but this display for the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball caught my attention.

Razor Display #SmoothSummer #Shoprazor display

It is pretty neat!  I picked up 2 of the razors, one manual one powered.


Hubs did get to try out each of the razors before he left for training.



He seemed to like both of the razors, and while he is usually a man of few words when it comes to items around out house he did take both of them with him in his gear.


Personally, I think they look pretty neat and they move differently than any razor I have ever seen for Hubs.  I am glad he like them, and can keep his face smooth this summer. For me, I am just looking forward to him being home with a clean shaven face.  I miss him when he is gone, and while the #SmoothSummer may be coming to an end, Hubs’ clean shaven face and slightly serious-but still stilly side will live on throughout the coming year.
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  1. What a great idea to send your husband off with a hygiene kit! It looks like the Gillette Flexball was a hit, too. #client

  2. What a great razor this seems to be -I’ll have to check this out for the hubby since he always seems to have stubble – OUCH!

  3. I so need these for the hubby. I think he is growing his beard back!!!!!!!!!!