Discovering The Shire of Montana – Hobbit House

Discovering The Shire of Montana – Hobbit House

This past weekend Hubs and I got out of town for a few days.  We needed to just get away and spend some time together before his annual National Guard training.  Our plan was to go out to his Grandparents home, which is one of my favorite places in Montana.

Saturday morning we spend with his Grandma in the kitchen, making a ton of Red Raspberry Jam.  Yum!  Fresh from her garden, like the berries were picked that morning.  It does not get any fresher than that. (Recipe coming soon!)

Then when they headed out for his Grandpa’s 60th high school reunion, we headed out as well.  With their home being about an hour from Missoula, where we live, it is the perfect jumping off point for the NW region of Montana.  We headed up to Plains, MT first to drop off some jam at his Great Aunt & Uncles home.  They have such a pretty piece of land up there.  Just perfect with trees and a beautiful garden.

Then we headed further up Montana Hwy 200 up through Thompson Falls and almost to Trout Creek when we spotted a sign that caught our attention.  We followed the sign down a one lane dirt road about 3 miles back and stumbled upon a hidden little Montana treasure.

the shire of montana sign

The Shire of Montana – which resides at 9 & 3/4 Hobbit Lane.  It is a private lodging place, designed to look like a hobbits’ home!  Completely built into a hill, with grass growing on the roof and everything!

the shire of montana

The entrance has a lovely sign, and an information page for random visitor4s like ourselves.  Even the trees have little doors and windows for the fairy houses!   There were people staying in the house at the time, so we did not get to go in and explore but while we are living in Montana there will be another chance.  We have already decided that next summer we will be back, with reservations.

hobbit house mailbox

fairy house at the shire of montana


I love discovering new places to see and explore close to our home in Missoula, Montana.  It makes me enjoy living here more each time we find something new!

Where have your summer travels taken you this year?


  1. This looks like such a cute place to visit!

  2. Oh my this is so unique! This would be a place I would love to visit! I have got to visit Montana!!!!!!! Your pics are beautiful!

    • Thank you! I cannot wait to see what else is in store at The Shire of Montana. It is so unique and I want to go back and see inside!