Thin Blue Line Wreath

Thin Blue Line Wreath

You may have noticed but other than my love of coffee, I also love changing things up around the house…a lot.  Which is fun, and drives Hubs a little batty sometimes.  Which is how I came to love front door wreaths so much.  They are simple to change, require no help from Hubs and I can make them fairly quickly.  Plus they do not cost much at all, if you make them yourself!  I have made a few traditional style wreaths, and yarn ones as well.

Then I discovered clothespin wreaths! Simple, and I can take them apart and rework the pieces in new ways.  Double the fun, half the cost…. this is totally what I am after!  Nearly every time that I post about a new clothespin wreath, a friend of mine comments how she wants one for her house, or that I should sell them, or that I should just make her one because she is not “crafty”.

First, things first, you do not need to be crafty to make a clothespin wreath.  In fact I am fairly certain a 2 year old would make an amazing one!

Back to my latest wreath…. My friend, Kandi (Gluten Free for Jen), has been in my life for some ridiculous amount of years.  20-22 possibly?  It’s been a while and we chat daily with Facebook and phone calls.  She listens to me rant about whatever city we have moved to this time, or life in general and I cheer her on with her latest baking attempts.  She reads my posts before they go live, and covers my Facebook page when I am out of town.  Seriously she is a total asset to my life.

law enforcement clothespin wreath

Trying to be sneaky, I have been asking her about clothespin wreaths and such, to see what kind she likes and what she does not like, etc.  Wants:  Thin Blue Line LEO (law enforcement officer) style.  Dislike: Feeling like a funeral wreath.  This presents a problem.  Have you seen the logo’s for Thin Blue Line LEO stuff?  The colors are black, and dark blue.  That is the color of a bruise, and defiantly could end up looking funeral-y.  This is NOT my goal.

So I started thinking, and searching, and creeping on Pinterest.  I didn’t find anything that I could borrow an idea from.  I found a few other Thin Blue Line Wreaths but not exactly what I was hoping to create.  So I was on my own until I asked for some advice from a few of my Military Spouse friends.  They are awesome, and will honestly tell me if something is a terrible idea.  :)

I came up with a plan, tested a few out and decided on tips in blue.  But the blue had to be fairly bright and cheery without being a baby blue.  It was for an adult, not a baby’s room.  (color choices below)

I basically followed my previous wreaths, with a few exceptions. (Original Tutorial Here)   The entire clothespin is painted here.  Even the inside of the back, the part you squeeze to open its mouth.  Yep that even got painted this time.   So blue on the front top, and insides.  Black everywhere else.

Then when it was all dry, it looked a bit…dull.  So I pulled out my decoupage medium and covered the black areas with a matte finish.  The blue got a durable glitter finish.  You can see both of these decoupage products in action on my DIY Glitter Coffee Mug.

thin blue line wreath

I love the blue peaking out between the clothespins, each having their very own thin blue line.  Overall I am happy about the look of the finished wreath but it was missing something…. So I am adding a (lastname) Family sign to the center in the same shades of blue and black.  :)


What I used to create this Thin Blue Line Wreath:

  • Martha Stewart – Durable Glitter Finish Decoupage
  • Martha Stewart – Matte Decoupage
  • Apple Barrel – Cobalt Blue
  • Apple Barrel – Jet Black
  • Craft Essentials – White
  • 1 wire ring

Hopefully, Kandi likes this wreath as much as I do.  We will see, since she reads all of my posts before I publish them she will see it here before it arrives at her house.  :)


  1. What a wonderful gift for your friend – I love this idea!