Birthday Traditions are Important

Birthday Traditions are Important

We have a birthday tradition in our house that was started more than 20 years ago.  Back before I could even light a candle myself, I stuck a birthday candle into a car of peanut butter and sang Happy Birthday to my Mama.  It was just the two of us and I was not old enough to bake a cake or anything, so it was the best I could come up with.  That year, she had to light the candle herself!

Ever since that year, the candle in a random food birthday tradition has continued.  Every single year.  Some times it is a muffin, or a jar of marshmallow fluff, it has also been a cup of coffee beans with a full taper candle inside!  Last year some friends got creative and send me photos of their “birthday morning ideas” because I thought Hubs forgot…

This year, well this year was interesting.  Hubs got creative, and so did my friend A and her kids!  Funniest part, the creative sides coordinated without even trying.

Birthday Traditions

An apple and a raw potato, do not seem like very “birthday” like items but they were perfect and completely made my birthday morning memorable!  I would not have thought to use either of these to display birthday candles but I loved it!


What are your families’ birthday traditions?




  1. I love the candle in a potato! Ha, ha. We don’t have a ton of birthday traditions in our home. In fact, we don’t have a ton of traditions with any holidays or occasions in our home. Sad, but true. I feel like we should definitely get started with some! Thanks for sharing.