A Book and Coffee are all I Need @TylersCoffees

A Book and Coffee are all I Need @TylersCoffees

The weather is changing here in Missoula and with it comes a change in my mood, and habits.  I love fall!  The crisp air, football, leaves changing and the baking of everything I can dream up!  One other reason I love fall is because it allows me to curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a great book on the couch with a blanket and just enjoy the day simply.  Winter is filled with holidays, summer is far too hot, and spring is for deep cleaning after long Montana winters but fall is perfect for books and coffee!

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Recently I have been trying out a new brand of coffee, Tyler’s Coffee.  Tyler’s Coffee is USDA Organic coffee that is Acid Free.  Did you know that coffee is naturally acidic?  Which, if you have a sensitive tummy, may not be so friendly for you.  But with Acid Free coffee you might just be able to enjoy your morning cup of coffee again!  This is exciting for me, because Hubs has reflux issues sometimes and it is why he usually avoids more than a sip or three of coffee, but the first time I brewed up Tyler’s Coffee he drank a whole cup.

I noticed a difference in the flavor of the coffee.  Well not the coffee, but rather how some coffees have a bitter after taste even when brewed correctly, Tyler’s Coffee did not.  It it rich and delicious, just like coffee should taste.  Now, we all know that I love coffee – all types, so in case you might be a bit skeptical on the flavor of Tyler’s Coffee I am going to quote a friend and fellow blogger;

“I normally drink Folger’s and it is one that I HAVE to kill the taste on. But we were out. Sadden by my discovery I was about to admit defeat. Then I saw my sample bag of Tyler’s Coffee sitting on the counter. I thought- What the heck and made a pot.  Ok- Being the person I am I decided to behave and try some with out adding anything to it…..Oh my heavenly stars where have you been all my life? It was smooth, almost- I don’t know- creamy like” ~ Kandi with Gluten Free for Jen

You see, Kandi and I have been friends for like….all of eternity.  She worked at a chain-coffee shop in high school and has perfected the art of hiding coffee in milk. Because she hates the taste of coffee, which is truly heartbreaking for me.  I love coffee, and I want people to find a coffee that they love too!  Well shortly after she tried Tyler’s Coffee she texted me and it was as if after all these years, she finally understood my love of coffee!  Thank you Tyler’s Coffee!!!!!!


Find out more about Tyler’s Coffee on their Website, where you can also find SAMPLES!

As well as their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Now, I hope you all don’t mind but I have to get back to my cup of Tyler’s Coffee and my latest book.



*disclosure* I did receive a sample of Tylers Coffee for the purposes of this review, I was not paid in any other form.  Thoughts and opinions are my own, made from my experience with the  coffee