A Cupcake Liner Christmas Theme

A Cupcake Liner Christmas Theme

I couldn’t help myself, I had to go with another theme this year for our Christmas tree.  Last year after 2 themes and 2 trees, I did promise Hubs that this year would be theme free….and I failed.  I just got this idea in my head and I had to see it through.

DIY Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

I created a cupcake liner tree this year.  Each ornament is made from cupcake liners as well as the tree topper.  The only non-cupcake liner part of the tree, is the actual tree and the lights.  I started by collecting a lot of cupcake liners/wrappers.  I did not have any idea how many I would need.

Cupcake Wrappers

I really wanted a variety of colors and patterns.  I picked up the rainbow, and mini bold colors in the party section of our local discount store.  The white ones came from the $1 store. The fun red and tan liners are from Ikea, which my Mom sent up earlier this fall.  Then I went searching on Pinterest and found 2 really great posts for DIY Cupcake Liner decorations.  I did not follow them exactly but if you are looking to be crafty with cupcake liners, you should read these!

DIY Christmas Garland

DIY Tutorial: Cupcake Liner Garland

Instead of making Christmas Garland, I made mini Christmas tree ornaments.  Where she folded her liners, I cut mine into 4th’s so I used fewer full liners since this was my first attempt at ornaments.  I figured I may need a few extra later on if something went terribly wrong.  It is paper after all, a spilled cup of coffee could be tragedy!

Next I was looking at the 2nd garland I mentioned, the pompom garland looked like Christmas bulbs to me!  So I followed her instructions, using hot glue instead of a glue stick and put them on individual strings and hooks!

The last ornament I created for this year’s tree was snowflakes.  I was watch Elf and felt inspired to create a ton of cupcake liner snowflakes!



I knew that after last year’s Tacky Chic Christmas I needed to have something that tied them all together or the tree would be wayyyyyy over the top again.  That’s where Hubs came in and suggested using the green tree this year instead of the silver one, and to make a snowman tree topper.  I had plenty of white cupcake liners so we jumped in together and tried to figure it out.

Cupcake Liner Tree Topper

We had many….many failed attempts.  We finally settled on the “trunk” of a fake flower as the part that would attach it to the tree.  Then we wrapped foil around to create a base for the liners to be glued.





The cupcake liners are glued with hot glue, just like the Coffee Filter Wreath project.  I used so much hot glue, I may have set a record for the amount on a single Christmas tree.  I had a handfull to begin with, and a bag of 100 hot glue sticks.  When the tree was complete, I had less than 30 glue sticks left but some of that ended up on my fingers, instead of the tree.

cupcake Liner Ornaments




I love our crazy silly tree this year!  The cupcake liner ornaments turned out very pretty, and so did the snowman tree topper!


  1. I love seeing your Christmas trees each year! Keep up with the themes! They are fun and creative.