DIY Christmas Sweater

DIY Christmas Sweater



Hubs has been asking for a Christmas sweater for several years, and every year I avoid the topic because I didn’t feel inspired to make one.  Well just over a week before Christmas and I got a great plan to just go to the store and figure it out, without feeling the creativity.

I headed to Secret Seconds in Missoula, which is one of my favorite spots to find second-hand items, and Hubs found a sweater at was heavy enough to hold up a bunch of Christmas awesomeness.  I didn’t want to make it too “over the top” and it needed to be washable.


I stumbled upon a basket that gave me my starting point.  It was handmade by someone out of fabric and hot glue, which made it easy to pull apart and reuse the pieces for Hubs DIY Christmas Sweater.

Hubs looked through he Christmas section at Secret Seconds but did not really see anything he liked until I pointed out a big basket on the floor under a display table.  It was packed full of wood ornament beads.  He picked out 8 reindeer and a Sleigh.  We could not find a Santa but we did find a super adorable snowman, that needed a new home.  With all of our goodies we headed to Joanns Craft Store because we needed to figure out how to attach all of the fun items to the sweater.

I settled on a fabric glue that was temporary until heated by ironing.  I also picked up some rather thick button thread and  whole bunch of sequins.

Back home I started the project by finding a Santa Clause in our Christmas tubs, and then laying all the pieces out to decide where they would

go before using any glue.


Next I started on the snow, using some leftover felt from a previous project. I just made some curvy cuts to show off some snow-covered hills.  The snow stops on the edge seam of the sweater, so from the back this DIY Christmas sweater looks perfectly normal.

After finalizing the placement of trees, and Santa’s flying sleigh I glued the snow down following the directions of the glue and then ironed it in place to form the permanent bond.  I could have thrown in a simple stitch around the edge to keep it secured extra strong but instead I stitched shiny sequins in place all along the edge for sparkles in the snow.

sequin snow

Next I decorated the tree pillows with sequins and bells, even trees on sweaters need to be decorated at Christmas time.


I attached the Santa portion of the sweater.  Mostly, because I did not have a full plan it.  I threaded some bells onto ribbon to act as the reigns for Santa’s sleigh.  They are threaded through each reindeer and the end is glued behind the sleigh.  Each reindeer is sewn onto the sweater using button thread.  Using big beads is very handy.  I also glued the beads tot eh fabric.

Lastly I stitched a lot of snow and sparkle sequins for some extra pizzazz.  Hubs loves his sweater.  He has plans to wear it 3 days next week.  I am really glad it is washable.

DIY Christmas Sweater

Have you made your own special Christmas sweater?




  1. That turned out really cute! It has been YEARS since I made my own Christmas sweater. As in back in the day of iron on decals and puff paint years!