DIY Cupcake Liner Wrapping Paper

DIY Cupcake Liner Wrapping Paper

This weekend I sat down to wrap Christmas gifts which should have taken me an hour at most, but then I got a great idea to create my own wrapping paper for a couple of gifts.  The two small gifts turned into 3 small gifts and then a big box, which made creating this wrapping paper a little more difficult.  Why?  Because I wanted to stick with this year’s theme of Cupcake Liners!  Our tree is decorated from top to bottom in cupcake wrappers so why not wrap gifts in them too?

It seemed like an easy enough idea, just tape them together.  This worked great for the small gifts but the larger box did not quite work out so easily.  It had a lid, and Hubs suggested I make it open without having to destroy the pretty paper on the outside.

I used clear contact paper, which would normally be used for lining shelves or drawers and stuck the cupcake liners to it.  I made sure to put the “pretty side” towards the sticky surface of the contact paper so that would show through once the box was wrapped up.  It took some time to cover the whole area.  I did not want the box to show through at all.


Cupcake Wrapping Paper

Making cupcake liner wrapping paper

We used half and quarter pieces to fill in the empty spaces.  That is where you can see pink and other colors besides the rainbow liners showing.  It breaks up the pattern of the main pieces and adds an interesting touch.  It was fun, and I love the final piece.

Wrapping with cupcake liners

On the inside we just taped the wrapping paper in, using clear packing tape.  Since the sticky surface was taken up with the liners it needed that extra tape to hold the paper in place!

The end result was a beautifully wrapped gift and though it took a lot longer than a traditionally wrapped box, I would do it again.


  1. Love all these cupcake liner uses! So cool!

  2. I would of never thought of using Cupcake liners for wrapping paper!