Put Your Heart to Paper this Valentine’s Day #PutYourHeartToPaper

Put Your Heart to Paper this Valentine’s Day #PutYourHeartToPaper

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Put Your Heart To Paper

Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away, and it always gets me to thinking about the people that I love.  Hubs of course, but beyond the romanic love that people tend to focus on around Valentine’s Day.  The friends and family members that make life better, that lift our spirits when days are terrible and laugh with us when the days are great.  Those people in my life are amazing, and I know I could do a better job at telling each of them.

Living far from our friends and family makes it harder to show them how much their support and love means, because I can’t just run over and help weed their gardens in the summer.  I can’t hop in the car when their baby is sick and give them a moment to take a shower and just breathe.  I cannot meet them each for a cup of coffee, and a conversation that does not include cartoon animals, and singing princess.  From a distance I can listen, and cheer them on when their days are hard, just like they do for me.  That is why this year, for Valentine’s Day I am going to put it down on paper how much they mean to me.

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Love Makes Every Day Sparkle

What will make it easier is the cards from Hallmark, and their selection this Valentine’s Day has a card for just about everyone in my life.  It is not always easy to put into words, just what someone means to you.  This Valentine’s Day, Hallmark has some help in that area.  You can check their advice on writing to your Valentine this year.  www.PutYourHeartToPaper.com 

I will be sharing with friends and family, how they make my life better by being in it and just how much I appreciate them!

How do you #PutYourHeartToPaper for your loved ones? 

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