Art and Coffee – Art on Tap Missoula

Art and Coffee – Art on Tap Missoula

What happens when you combine coffee and an art class?  Well today I discovered that art and coffee = fun!

A few weeks ago, at work I saw a notification come across my newsfeed.  (Yes, I Facebook at work – Yes, my boss knows – Yes, it is awesome) The notification was for a Valentine’s Day event with  Art on Tap Missoula.  I had never heard of it so a few clicks later and I find myself looking at the schedule for Art on Tap Missoula.  This particular event involved painting a picture at a winery.  Art & Wine…yes please!  The Valentine’s Day event filled up before I had a chance to sign up myself and Hubs.  I was a little disappointed but there were plenty of classes coming up.

But from their website I figured out this this was not a one time thing, they did this monthly and sometimes 2-3 times a month!  Some of the Art on Tap Missoula events are at the Ten Spoon Winery (Yay wine!) others are at the Montgomery Distillery (Yay cocktails!) and their latest adventure is an art class at La Petit Outre (Yay coffee and treats!)

La Petit Outre - Missoula

As soon as I saw that one of the events was at a local coffee shop and bakery I knew I had to go and I signed Hubs up as well.  The idea is simple, combine something new with something people already love!  Local places, with lovely drinks and a class that brings friends together.  Seriously, why didn’t I think of this!  Oh, right…because I do not paint!  That is probably a good reason, luckily the lady who did start this was an art teacher and has a few tricks up her sleeve to help even me paint a decent picture.

Coffee & Canvas

This week’s featured painting from Art on Tap Missoula

There’s a spot for everyone, with the example picture up front and throughout the time the “teacher” walks everyone through each step to create their own picture.  Now you can use different colors, or even make your own picture completely but she does walk everyone through the featured picture for that day, and each time is a different picture.  Since this was the first Art on Tap Missoula event in a coffee location, it was a coffee featured painting.

art on tap missoula blank

Hubs was a great sport today, he was the only man there but he had fun with the whole event.  He even volunteered to do it again sometime!  I will definatly try out another event, even if it is not a coffee themed painting.  :)

art and coffee

art on tap missoula  art on tap missoula

arrt on tap missoula cup

art on tap missoula almost done

art on tap finishing up

Finished project art and coffee

Hubs’ painting is on the left, my final painting is on the right.  They turned out far better than I ever imagined!

This post is not sponsored in any way.  Hubs and I had a great time, and paid for this class ourselves.

art on tap sign


  1. I love everything about this! Art, yay! Coffee, yay! Quality time, yay! Success, yay!

  2. How fun! I wish I could find something like this around here!