Manual Grinders make Traveling with Coffee easy!   #GalleanyGrinder

Manual Grinders make Traveling with Coffee easy! #GalleanyGrinder


I received this product free of charge .  My experience, photos, and opinion are my own.  

Galleany Manual  Coffee Grinder #GalleanyGrinder

Many of you have been watching our adventures on the road this week during our Caffeinated Roadtrip! This trip has been so much fun, but one thing we end up needingto do every time we travel is bring our own coffee. We have stayed with several family members along the road and some are coffee drinkers, while others are not. Which is why when we travel, we bring coffee and a french press coffee maker with us.

In the past I have taken ground coffee with us, but I do prefer to buy whole beans and grind them right before brewing. I just love the freshness. If we were staying in a hotel every night traveling with an electric grinder would not be a problem but they can be very loud and that is not always house-host friendly.

Galleany Manual  Coffee Grinder

Unlike an electric grinder, the Galleany Manual Grinder makes almost no noise at all. We took this ceramic manual coffee grinder with us on our vacation just incase we needed it as well as one of my favorite locally roasted bags of coffee and the little french press coffee maker. They ALL came in handy! My Grandfather loves coffee, but he drinks decaf, and well… I need my caffeine in the morning. Then one night we stayed with my Aunt and Uncle, who do not drink coffee at all. They don’t even keep a coffee maker in their kitchen!

It could have made for some grumpy mornings on our vacation, but instead we are having great mornings! The Galleany Manual Coffee Grinder is light-weight, and the handle comes off so it does not get bent while traveling, which I thought was handy and it is so quiet because there is no motor to make sounds. It grinds well, unlike other grinders I have used, the Galleany Grinder made a uniform grind of the coffee.

I am really glad we packed the grinder for this trip. Hubs and I have been drinking coffee even if the house or hotel we are staying at does not have a coffee maker. We still have 4 days of traveling ahead of us and I think about 1000 miles to drive before we get back to Missoula but we will be well caffeinated along the way!



I received this product free of charge for the purposes of this post, in order to share my experience with the product.