Missoula to Colorado Springs – #CaffeinatedRoadTrip Day 1

We are hitting the road and taking our first real vacation.  Mostly we just move but this time we are setting out without everything we own packed in boxes.  But this time is different, we are headed on a 11 day road-trip to visit 6 states, visit family and friends, as well as exploring everything that makes these states great.


We headed out the morning of May 21st from Missoula, Montana. First stop was Anaconda, Montana where we happened upon a veterans group raising donations for a Toys for Tots drive. Super friendly group of men and women, and they brewed up a good cup of coffee!

Found free coffee and some great veterans and volunteers at our first stop in Anaconda, Montana.

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Project 52 - Nature #CaffeinatedRoadTrip Wyoming

The trip was going smoothly, until we hit construction on I25 all the way through Wyoming.  It must be construction season already because the construction added 2 hours to our 964 mile drive on day 1.

It was long, very very long and I was a little bit “wacky crackers” by the time we arrived in Colorado Springs in a fog/rain storm.

Even though it took FOREVER to get to Colorado Springs, the trip was worth it.  We were at our first destination, seeing our Colorado family and we were excited to get this vacation going with some fun.  Stay tuned for more tales from the Caffeinated Road Trip coming up!