Silver Summit: A Playground for Everyone #Missoula #Montana

Silver Summit: A Playground for Everyone #Missoula #Montana

We spent Sunday morning in Missoula, roaming around parks and exploring some of the great things this city has to offer.  One of the parks we stopped at was Silver Summit, an all abilities playground in the heart of Missoula, Montana.  It sits next to Currents, McCormic Park, the Riverfront Walking Trail, and Silver’s Lagoon right next to the Clark Fork River.

Silver Summit Playground

The neat aspect of Silver Summit is the playground equipment.  It is designed for any child, with any level of abilities to be able to join in the fun.  Slides, ramps, swings, teeter-totter style equipment, hills to climb, places to dig, musical instruments, and a cabin are all a part of Silver Summit.

silver summit 5

silver summit 4

silver summit 3

Silver Summit

silver summit 7

silver summit 8

silver summit 9

silver summit 10

silver summit 11

Silver Summit Playground - Missoula Montana

silver summit 12

It has been a while since I went down a slide, or played on a playground but Silver Summit makes everyone want to jump right in and explore the fun.  Hubs had a blast running around, and the little ones with us did too.  We will be making this one of our favorite outdoor spots for kids, in town.


  1. That is a really fun looking park! And I love how they make it so anyone can enjoy it with all those ramps!