20th Century Veterans Memorial in North Platte, Nebraska #CaffeinatedRoadtrip

20th Century Veterans Memorial in North Platte, Nebraska #CaffeinatedRoadtrip

Hubs’ and I spent Memorial Day on the road this year.  It landed right in the middle of our Caffeinated Roadtrip.  Normally we spend Memorial Day locally, going to a wreath laying ceremony, or something similar.  This year was different because we were traveling, but we were headed down I80 in Nebraska, going from Colorado Springs to Cass County, Nebraska to visit family and saw a sign for the 20th Century Veterans Memorial in North Platte, Nebraska.
Memorial Day - North Platte, Nebraska


Without even talking about it first, I started to pull off the interstate and Hubs mentioned about the same time that he would like to stop.  Sometimes we just “get each other” quite well.

We stopped just off the interstate, and the signs led us right there.  It is a beautiful memorial.  The statues, plaques and flags are well taken care of and they were just setting up for their Memorial Day event when we stopped.  We did not have time to stay for the ceremony but we did spend about an hour looking around.  I spend most of that time willing myself to not burst into tears.  It didn’t work, I cried….a lot.   Thinking of all the friends we have both lost over the years, the families forever changed by wars, and the ones who are still fighting was just too much for me and I turned the camera over to Hubs.  He explored and took photos while I pulled myself back together.

Memorial day 3

memorial day 4

I could not tell you this man’s name, but I do remember that he was a Korean War Veteran, he and Hubs chatted almost 30 minutes together after taking this photo.

memorial day 5

memorial day 2

It was a beautiful day to stop, and remember the real meaning of Memorial Day.  All too often, we get wrapped up in bbq’s and summer fun on Memorial Day and forget that it is a day to remember those who gave all for our freedom.  The 20th Century Veterans Memorial was a perfect stop for our day of traveling.

I wish we had more time to explore around North Platte, but I know that Kandi over at Sweet Country Chaos is headed there soon and I cannot wait to see what adventures she finds.






  1. That looks like a beautiful memorial. We will have to stop by there while we are in town.