Elmwood, Nebraska #CaffeinatedRoadTrip

Elmwood, Nebraska #CaffeinatedRoadTrip

Elmwood, Nebraska

Someone, somewhere once said that you can’t go home again.  Well, most of the time I agree with that.  Going home, after an extended time away is never the same.  You change, everyone else changes things move forward and are never the exact way you remember them.  But there is a moment on every trip home, where I turn the corner off of Hwy 34 onto Hwy 1 in Cass County and see this red barn with the painted quilt block and just for that moment everything is the same.  I could be 5 or 25 and the feeling is the same, I am HOME.  The barn represents how close I am to my Grandparents house, and the feeling that family is nearby.  It may be 2 miles away still but that is a far cry from the 24 hours it takes us to get there from Missoula, Montana. I love this red barn and how much it feels like home to me even though I have no idea who lives at that house.

Elmwood Mural

Elmwood is probably known best for being the home of Author Bess Streeter Aldrich.  Her home, The Elms is right across from the park in town and also the first place I crashed on my bike, to where I needed stitches.

The Elms - Bess Streeter Aldrich

Bess Streeter Aldrich HouseIt is a beautiful home, with trees and shade.  I have been on the tour several times over the years.  My Grandmother just loved this house, and took me through it a lot when I was little.  Elmwood is a very small town, around 500 people but it is big in my heart.