The Worlds Only Corn Palace #HifromSD #CaffeinatedRoadtrip

The Worlds Only Corn Palace #HifromSD #CaffeinatedRoadtrip

The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota is the worlds only corn palace.  The exterior is decorated entierly in corn materials, and redone each and every year since 1892.  Each year has a theme or design long before they begin redecorating it each spring.

Corn Palace

This year’s theme is South Dakota’s 125th Anniversary, but we were there to visit while they were still working on it so we did get to see part of last years design as well along one side.  You can see the new corn design, compared to the holder faded corn parts from the previous year.  It is truly amazing that they redo this every single year.

2014 Corn Palace:

Corn Palace 2014

Cornealius - Corn Palace Macot


In Mitchell, South Dakota we were not exactly sure where to go to see the Corn Palace.  I have been there in the past, but I was little and not driving but luckily the city of Mitchell has some great signs out to point you in the right direction.  Just be sure to keep track, because getting back to the interstate is a bit more tricky, with less signs.





  1. That is amazing that they did that all in corn pieces! I need to get back to SD and explore!

  2. I LOVE the corn palace!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been, but I have no doubt it has to be as awesome as it looks in pictures!