Project 52 Photos – Colorful

Project 52 Photos – Colorful

Welcome to another week of Project 52 Photos!   Our hosts Marvelous MommySarah, and Angie picked the theme of the week as Colorful.  Once I realized this week’s theme, I kinda wished I had used last weeks photo, for this week.  But alas, I did not and so I was searching for a photo for this week. I was wanting a beautiful colorful sunset, or flowers etc.  

But it is August, in Montana and it is fire season along with an unusually dry and over-heated summer here has left us a bit uncolorful.  Everything seems to be the same shade of tan/brown.  But last weekend we did get out of town to visit Hubs’ Grandparents and while I was out drinking my morning cup of coffee I realized that ecen if the hills are the shade of golden wheat they are a color!

Western Montana

Western Montana Colors

Then the summer sun began to set just as a haze rolled in from the forest fires out in Eastern Washington, bringing the sun to this rich red/auburn color.  It was stunning, sadly I only had my phone with me at the time but you can still see the red tint a bit.

Summer Sunset