Add Some Pep to your Step with #LiquidCaffeine #liqiudcaffeine

Add Some Pep to your Step with #LiquidCaffeine #liqiudcaffeine

I received this product free of charge for the purposes of this review.  The opinions below are from my own experiences. Liquid Caffeine

From Liquid Caffeine:

“Liquid Caffeine is CLEAN ENERGY, CLEAN CAFFEINE. This means caffeine with no sugar, no added chemicals, no gut rot, and best of all no crash! You get a steady stream of energy from the caffeine without the “crash” or ups and downs caused by typical energy drinks. Turn your favorite drink into an energy drink with Liquid Caffeine! Simply add the desired amount to your drink and feel the burst of energy that lasts all day!
We Guarantee the Best Price, Quality, and easiest to use Caffeine on the market.”

One 16oz bottle contains caffeine equivalents to:

  • 100 8oz cups of coffee
  • 100 cans of Redbull
  • 50 cans of Monster
  • 58 5hr energy drinks

One pump of Liquid Caffeine = one cup of coffee = 83 milligrams of caffeine 

Liquid Caffeine is unflavored but it does have a slightly bitter after taste if you try it by itself.  Which I did learn from trying it by itself!  I did not try a whole pump alone, just a little bit to see if there was any flavor or after taste.  In a glass of water, I did not notice any flavor at all.

While I will probably stick with getting my caffeine from my morning coffee, this would be nice for someone who does not really enjoy coffee but is still looking for a bit of a morning pick-me-up.  It does pack a caffeine kick to it!  If you are sensitive to caffeine, be warned!  This product might not be for you, but for me it was great.


  1. Interesting. Probably too much caffeine for me too, but I know plenty of people who like it.