#LakeHouse French Press Coffee Maker Review

#LakeHouse French Press Coffee Maker Review

I received this product free for the purposes of this review, the opinions are my own experience

Lake House French Press Coffee MakerWe have a new coffee maker in the house!  Do not ask how many we currently own, I am not even exactly sure of the number of different types of coffee makers we have.  I have a little addiction to them.  But they all have their own amazing qualities!  The newest one is the Lake House French Press coffee maker.

About the Lake House French Press:

  • Holds 34 oz
  • Made of Glass with a chrome frame
  • Mesh filter keeps the coffee grounds/leaves out of your drink
  • Can be used with coffee or tea
  • No electricity required
  • Easy to clean

My experience:

I have used a french press coffee maker before, but only in an individual cup size and it had the “frame” attached.  So using the Lake House French Press was new to me.  I was not sure if I would like being able to remove the beaker from the frame since I was not use to doing that, but it turns out that it is so much easier to clean, and know that it is fully clean!

Easy to use, because you just add the coffee, and the hot water and wait a couple of minutes and your morning cup of coffee is ready to drink.  Just use the plunger to press the mesh filter down and ta-dah!  Coffee time!

There is no electricity required to make this coffee pot work, which is great when you are traveling on the road.  Hot water is fairly easy to find, or if you are camping the campfire is a perfect way to heat water for your morning cup.

If you have never used a french press coffee maker, there are instructions included.  I personally would not set the glass carafe on a a flame, or heating surface even though the instructions do not specify weather or or not this would be ok.  I like to keep my coffee makers unbroken, so it seems like the safer option.  If you are worried about the coffee getting too cold between cups, wrapping a tea-towel around it works great for keeping the heat in.




  1. Nice picture. It’s really ready in 2 minutes just using the plunger?