Project 52 – Week 36:  Pattern

Project 52 – Week 36: Pattern

I am back this week with Project 52, where the hosts pick a theme and we all come up with an original photo to go with the theme.  I have not kept up as much as I would have liked but this week just worked out perfectly.

This weeks theme is Pattern!

It really ends up being perfect, in a way that I wish I had planned it but I didn’t which makes it even more fun really.  I was taking a photo to post to my personal Facebook account to show someone back in Colorado how a table project turned out.  I was struggling getting the lighting right, and trying to see the woodgrain of the table, as well as capture the true color of the refinished table.  Its a beautiful purple, with a satin finish.

I am in love with this table, and someone was just throwing it away!  But that is a whole different post, and a month long process of making the table pretty.  Turns out that when I am struggling with a photo in one area, I sometimes manage to catch another point of view without even trying.  Confused yet?  I have had a lot of coffee today, and am on a rambling marathon I think.  Anyways, the point is, table photos might not be perfect but I did manage to capture the geometric pattern in the carpet quite well without even trying.  :)

Project 52 photos pattern

Normally, had I tried to take a carpet photo all you would have seen was a lack of vacuuming, or the pattern would have disappeared completely.  I am pretty sure my camera likes to hide things like that one me, just to keep me on my toes!

Project 52 photos pattern

Project 52 photos pattern


One of the hosts, Sarah Halstead has a beautiful summer flower photo up this week, as well as the linky for adding your own pattern photos this week.


  1. What a beautiful table! I find myself challenged as well at times to photograph something like that. Trying to get the right angle and lighting so the details I want show plus the color looks right.

  2. Am loving the table!
    And you can totally see the pattern in the table too.
    So you hit both in my opinion hehe