Ginger Rooibos Cleanse Tea #WayGoodTea #WayGoodCleanse

Ginger Rooibos Cleanse Tea #WayGoodTea #WayGoodCleanse

I received this product free of charge, for the purposes of this review.  I was not compensated in any other form.

Ginger Rooibos Cleanse Tea

Like exploring a marketplace full of exotic spices…

The uplifting aroma of rooibos and ginger will rejuvenate your spirit for adventure. This exciting herbal concoction helps you stay light on your feet by gently detoxifying the digestive system and increasing circulation. – Way Good Tea 

Around our home, Hubs is the tea drinker.  I do enjoy a cup every now and then but for Hubs, tea is essential to daily living.  Which is why I was curious about the, Ginger Rooibos Cleanse by Way Good Tea.  I love small shops, local tea houses that still blend their own teas and that is what Way Good Tea does!   Way Good Tea is a small artisan shop in Seattle.

To me, the most important part of a cup of tea is it needs to be easy to make and taste good. Sounds simple right?  Well Way Good Tea made the simple part even better!  Inside that cute little tub is a bag of tea sachets and 10 individually wrapped ones as well.  Just pop one in your purse, and head to work without getting “purse gunk” on your tea, or tea all over your purse.


What I enjoyed about the Ginger Rooibos Cleanse Tea was the real ginger flavor.  In each tea sachet, it is clear what is inside because Way Good Tea leaves things as whole as possible.  So you can see the ginger, rosehips and spices.  But the ginger is what I enjoyed.  The smell of ginger reminds of me fresh ginger root, but the flavor is mellow and lovely.  This is one tea that Hubs is going to have to share!