Coffee Themed Nail Art

Coffee Themed Nail Art

Not a sponsored post, or advertisement, or paid anything.  I just love coffee themed everything!


Y’all I am in love, and not a little bit of love but like a big deep forever love with coffee. Me and coffee are buddies for life, it is just how things are.  If you see me before noon, I usually have a cup or mug of coffee nearby. This should be obvious but I thought that it is important to state the obvious on occasion.

Today I stumbled upon my new favorite coffee themed thing.  I have found all sorts of products that are coffee-themed without actually being coffee that you can drink, amazingly enough I do not own coffee socks.  I must find some!  Totally off topic, but today I found coffee-themed nail wraps! COFFEE NAILS! Are you kidding me!?!?!?!?! I need to own them, and wear them daily.  I might also need a back up pair, or 8!


Coffee Nails

Jamberry Nail Wraps: Latte Love

Look how cute they are!

These are nail wraps from Jamberry!  I have used wraps before (see this post, it was a sponsored post – this one is not) and I love how long they last.  But coffee themed ones!  I haven’t seen them before, and I am in love with Jamberry wraps all over again!