Thankful for Health, Happiness and Home #30DaysofThanks

It has been a month of craziness and I have let it get the best of me I must admit.  In fact this post for my month of thankfulness is being written in December because I needed to just clear my head and take care of business around our home. Our home, I am thankful for it.  We have lovely neighbors, and a warm place to sleep at night.  We are here together, and we have the ability to enjoy each day.  Even though this month has been a hard one, the hard stuff is usually the stuff worth doing. Continue reading

Thirty Days of Thanks #30DaysofThanks

I have not been keeping up very well with my 30 Days of Thanks posts, but it is not because I am not thankful.  I am very thankful for things every single day, it is just some days I get "stuck in my own head".  So today I am going to play catch up on a few days worth of thanks and see if I can get back on track for the month of November! Day 14 - 22 It has been 2 years since Hubs left active duty and jointed the Montana National Guard.  I am so thankful that he has the opportunity to go back Continue reading

More 30 Days of Thankfulness #30daysofthanks

More 30 Days of Thankfulness #30daysofthanks

I sat down at my computer today to work on another blog post that I have been meaning to write when I came upon comments waiting to be approved for my Day 5 30 Days of Thanks post.  One of the lovely ladies I worked with in Colorado had stumbled upon it and left a comment, which was amazing because that day was all about lasting friendships.  Reading it reminded me that I was a bit behind in my quest for 30 days of Thankfulness and so I find myself here thinking about all of the people I have Continue reading

Modern Medicine #30daysofThanks

I have the stomach flu, it's terrible and I would not wish this on anyone but it did make me think of something I was thankful for today.  Modern Medicine, from things we take for granted like antacids and tylenol to vitamins and then of course the big things like MRI machines and all that awesomeness that I will never begin to understand.  It seems to work like magic to me and yet it is science and something that we should all be thankful for!  Mostly I am thankful for this little strawberry Continue reading

Thankful for Heat #30daysofThanks

This morning when we woke up I realized one thing I am truly thankful for before I even got out of bed. A heater, a warm place to live.  Seems simple but the weather outside changed overnight and that heater kept our home cozy.  I am very thankful for our heater to be working, and for the ability to pay for the heating of our home.  I am thankful that we do. What are you thankful for today? Continue reading